Detroit Police pass up tech upgrade | The Detroit News |

CLEMIS is the most valuable tool we have as crime fighters. It is disappointing that the DPD doesn’t feel it has the resources to join our consortium. Although it will cost them in the beginning what they will save will make it up to them very quickly.  As a mid sized agency in Oakland County, we simply couldn’t afford to purchase and support the suite of CLEMIS products available to us including computer aided dispatch, records management, electronic crash reporting, electronic tickets, Bluecheck finger print devices, property management, digital fingerprinting, digital mugshots, video arraignment and others. We have purchasing power we wouldn’t have as individual agencies when it comes to buying mobile computers, digital fingerprint machines, crime mapping and analysis and other things. And that isn’t even discussing what we get from the sharing of information allowing us to engage in crime analysis outside our borders.  And an additional positive is that the programs are designed and modified by our own police to fit our needs.  Our user groups determine what the programs will look like and will do. 

Detroit Police pass up tech upgrade | The Detroit News |

via Detroit Police pass up tech upgrade | The Detroit News |

I think they are missing an opportunity here…..

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