A Very Important Job

Police officers do a complex and challenging job.  Of the many and varied duties of police, few are more difficult than dealing with neglected and abused children.  Police are on the front lines of situations where abuse and/or neglect is suspected.  They must take action and make difficult choices like when to remove children from their home.  When abuse is alleged it is very difficult to question a child about this situation especially when the suspected perpetrator is a person who cares for the child.  Someone they love and someone they trust.   In a situation like that, mistakes simply cannot be made.  Getting to the facts requires a special person with high level training and skills.  

New Care House Facility Under Construction in Pontiac

One of our important community partners is CARE House of Oakland County.  I had the opportunity to visit them last month and tour their new facility under construction near St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac.  With the new facility they are able to increase their service delivery to the children and families of Oakland County.  They will be able to expand their counseling services and their assistance to police agencies as a result of the expanded room.   

At this time of year many folks are considering holiday gifts or maybe tax deductions –if you are looking for a place to make a donation that will serve local families and you can see your money at work, this is your opportunity.  Or maybe you don’t have money to spare but have some time and would like to volunteer I strongly recommend CARE House.  I won’t tell you that it is easy, but I can’t think of too many places where your work would be more valuable.  Click the link on “CARE House of Oakland County” for more detailed information.