Holiday Shopping

I may be a police chief but I’m still a woman who likes a a bargain as much as the next woman and I like to stretch my family dollar.  I do shop locally and often at our local mall Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.

If you are a shopper Great Lakes Crossings Outlet Malls here in Auburn Hills is the place to find great bargains.  There are  great restaurants and entertainment too.  What you may not know is how safe the mall is.  We think safety and security is a big deal.  Since the mall opened in 1998 we have had officers stationed in the retail area in and around the mall.  We’ve developed a great partnership with mall security and together we are able to deal quickly with any incidents that do arise.  On Black Friday, for instance, we developed a very detailed plan to address security for people standing in line and in the stores. We brought on additional officers to make sure we were ready for the all night shopping frenzy.  And it was a great success.  I think people enjoyed the opportunity to shop at the mall starting at midnight.  The crowds were fantastic and we had no incidents that were any kind of real problem. 

Security is one issue when you choose to go shopping at this time of year. The other is the traffic.  We know that you choose where you want to shop based on several factors and one is how easy it is to get in and out of where you want to go.  Just like we use the computerized traffic signals to help traffic get in and out of the Palace for events there, we use the computerized traffic signals to help traffic move efficiently around the mall during peak shopping periods too.  Nothing is perfect so we continuously make changes to the system to improve it.  This year we added the traffic on Brown Road and at the Brown/Joslyn intersection.  If you were in the area on Black Friday you know that traffic moved smoothly and people got where they wanted to go without too much delay.  Occasionally we have a snafu like we did last weekend when a phone line glitch put us off the air for the weekend.  But thanks to our friends at the Road Commission of Oakland County their personnel used laptop computers from their homes to manage our traffic signals for the Palace and the mall area. 

I’m pretty sure there are few if any departments out there who are using computerized signals like we do–to your benefit whether you are shopping or attending a Palace event.  Or if you are a driver just trying to get through the area on another mission.  We’re committed to helping you get where you want to go.  We just hope it is somewhere in our city. 

Oh, and I almost forgot–if you haven’t signed up for NIXLE I urge you to do so. We are using it more and more to give traffic conditions here in the city that you won’t get from traffic radio or anywhere else.  Just another of our ideas to keep people and goods moving smoothly.