Serious Holiday Issues

I know you are getting ready for the holidays and I don’t want to be the Grinch but I do want to remind you that alcohol impaired driving and drugged driving will ruin your holiday in a BIG way. 

While we enjoy the rounds of parties, presents and family gatherings keep in mind that too much alcohol puts you at risk for a traffic crash or arrest.  The law in Michigan says that your driving is impaired at .08% alcohol in your blood.  That amount was lowered a few years ago from .10%.  Drivers may not even feel particularly “buzzed” and still be impaired.  Watch consumption on an empty stomach and be careful how many drinks you have in a short period of time.  If you are in doubt have a Designated Driver or find a place to stay overnight.  For more information link here.

Secondly, drugged driving is quickly becoming a leading cause of traffic crashes and fatalities across the country.  According to November 2010 “Traffic Safety Facts” by NHTSA in cases where fatally injured drivers were tested in 2009, more than 33% had drugs in their systems!  That is up from 28% in 2005. (By the way, alcohol, drugs administered after the crash in the course of treatment, aspirin and nicotine are excluded. )  But it does include both legal (prescribed) and illegal drugs. 

We are in the forefront of the fight here in Auburn Hills.  We have 2 of the 4 Drug Recognition Experts in the State of Michigan and our Officer Jeramey Peters was instrumental in helping Michigan become a state where DRE officers are recognized in our courts. 

Logo of the Drug Recognition Experts

Helping our streets stay safe is at the top of our list–we want you and your family to be safe here and everywhere.  Happy Holidays, everyone.