Jam Cams AKA Traffic Cameras

AKA is police lingo for “also known as” – just in case you were wondering.  Many of us watch television or listen to our car radios to find out the condition of the roads for our drive home.  We are trying to make sure we have the most efficient route, free from crashes or weather related delays.  As we wait for the snowstorm of the season to arrive now might be a good time to talk about traffic cameras

The radio and television stations get their traffic related video from the traffic cameras that are actually maintained by the MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation).  The cameras are part of a system known as Intelligent Traffic Systems.  The goal of ITS is to use technology and strategic partnerships to facilitate highway travel.  We all know that we cannot build our way out of congestion.  So we must work together to make sure that we use the roads efficiently and effectively.  This is where you come in.  The technology exists for you to access maps and camera with real-time information from your computer anytime you want.  We want you to use this information to choose your route or decide to stay home when traffic conditions are not favorable. 

I suggest you check out the website, select your favorite cameras and bookmark the site for later use.  If you take a minute to check the site for the best route home, you’ll see construction, current traffic incidents and other useful information. 

Also captured off the live video feed.

Plus it has a fun side, I thought.   I like the UP.  I find it interesting to see what is happening on the US 41 Bypass in Marquette.

Or along US 2 in the Seney Recreation Area.
I hope it helps you get where you are going.  But not tomorrow — stay off the roads if you can.