I Never Get Tired…

…of hearing cops tell stories about their work.  This job is always full of crazy stuff.   Police see a full range of human activities when it comes to goofy stuff.   I came upon a website where officers can share their stories and they are good for a laugh on a Monday.  

Here’s one from the website:

Clowning around

On a sunday afternoon I was dispatched to a residential area for a report of a disturbance in which someone was beating the windows out of a vehicle. As I arrived I saw what looked like Ronald Mcdonald slinging a louisville slugger on a vehicle in this driveway. I mean red hair, blue nose, makeup and size 42 shoes. When “Ronald” saw my unit he dropped the bat and began to run. I got out of my unit and looked around like it was a joke, thinking I was being punked. I soon realized by the looks from the neighbors that it was’nt a joke and advised dispatch that the suspect was running south as I reluctantly started jogging. I repeatidly ignored the dispatcher who wanted a desription of the suspect. As I turned the corner I observed a Ford Fiesta parked in a driveway with red and yellow size 42 shoes hanging out of the side. after several requests for him to come out, I finally had to drag him out by his shoes and hook him up. As I walked back to my unit with “Ronald in cuffs I saw several children on bicycles on the sidewalk. As I walked passed the kids all of them gave me a thumbs down and began to BOOOOOO!

Ask the next officer you see, I’m sure they’ll have a few stories to share.  Sometimes it seems amazing the situations that people can find themselves in.