Everybody’s Doing It

And it isn’t a good idea.

Distracted driving, I mean.  We are seeing it more and more.  Sure there are laws against it but it is very difficult for officers to see and enforce.  Most people aren’t going to admit that they were doing either.  We are finding more and more ways to figure it out but if we are investigating it means that the crash has already happened.

There is a great article in the Free Press about it today.  One fact they stated was very concerning–26% of the youngest drivers admitted doing it.  Not good. 

I think there is a big emphasis these days on multi tasking–everyone is doing it too.  We are trying to be more and more efficient and squeeze more and more into every minute of the day.  But look at it this way driving IS multitasking.  Texting is one part of it–eating, reading, personal grooming– it is all problematic while driving.

I found a great article from Car and Driver magazine that did a study and they found that texting was worse than even driving while intoxicated.  Pretty scary stuff.

So save yourself, your family, the guy next to you on the freeway, your insurance company, everybody–and focus on your driving.