Citizen’s Police Academy

Every fall for the last 10 years we have invited community members to spend 10 weeks with us at our Citizen’s Police Academy.  I have heard from so many of our graduates how much they enjoyed the academy and how much they learned.  Many of them come back and help out at the National Night Out and other events of the city. 

However, this year, we’ve had to suspend the academy.  This was a difficult decision that I didn’t want to make.  As everyone knows, all of government has had financial reverses that are forcing us to reconsider everything we do.  In our case, we are reducing personnel at all levels and we expect more reductions during the time of the academy.  Our first job is to maintain call response to the community; to maintain enough staff to get there when you need us 24x7x365.  I only have so many people and just so many ways to stretch them. 

I apologize to the people who were slated to attend.  I hope that we can reinstate the academy next year.