Traffic Improvement Association

Today I wanted to bring to your attention a really worthy organization that provides great services to our community and all of Oakland County:  the Traffic Improvement Association.  It has been around for many years and was established by a group of business leaders because  Oakland County’s rate of serious injury and fatal traffic crashes was too high.   The personal and property losses from needless traffic crashes has an ecomonmic impact on our county and region.  Business and community leaders decided to find a way to impact those losses.  Since that time Oakland County has done a great job in reducing serious crashes throughout the county–due in no small measure to the Traffic Improvement Association.   I don’t believe there is any other county in Michigan with a like organization.  There are some that do some of the work they do, but I think they are pretty unique.

Communities and organizations can join and pay membership dues to the TIA and access their services including traffic engineering services like speed studies or traffic signal warrants.  Dave Allyn, formerly of the Road Commission for Oakland County, is their traffic engineer so he has a great experience base in traffic safety.  The also assist communities by handling traffic safety grant funds countywide so that we can access state and federal traffic safety enforcement dollars without having to hire a budget analyst to handle all the paperwork that goes along with the grants.  TIA provides educational services and speakers on the topic of traffic safety–they are an authority on the subject. 

They are supported by the Big 3 automakers and many suppliers in addition to government leaders like L. Brooks Patterson and Brent Bair, Managing Director of the Road Commission for Oakland County and others (check out their Board of Directors). 

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out their website.  They are a valuable organization and do great things for Oakland County’s traffic safety community.  If you are in a position to support their work, I’m sure they would appreciate it and call them if they can provide a service for you.