New Cop Cars

I have always loved police cars–something about driving a police car with the lights on and the sirens wailing….

So when we get new models of police cars, it is an exciting day.  Police cars are our tools; our mobile offices.  They have to work hard and respond to our needs.  Chrysler has done a great job of working with police officers to design a police car that works.  The 2011 Dodge Charger is the result.

Several months ago I mentioned to you that we had entered into a contract with Chrysler to participate in their evaluation fleet.  We drive their cars and evaluate them for police purposes.  It is a great partnership made workable because of our close proximity to the Tech Center.  They frequently call us and take a car back for testing purposes and often come over to visit their creation to see how it is holding up under real conditions. 

So here are some photos of our 2011 Dodge Chargers in Auburn Hills markings.

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