If you are a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that I like to use it to communicate various kinds of tips.  Safety tips, crime prevention tips, that sort of thing.  And if you look in the left margin of the page you’ll see that we have our TWITTER feed asking you to give us tips to help us solve crimes. 

Today I have a different kind of tip for you:  Training for Intervention ProceduresTIPS Home

TIPS is a program we provide to our hospitality community to educate their staff on the responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol.  It is a skills based program designed to prevent underage drinking, drunk driving and intoxication. 

What do the police do and why?

We provide a service to our alcohol retailer community because we know the negative outcomes of drunk driving and underage drinking. While we are charged with enforcement of Michigan’s liquor laws in our community we also want to give our hospitality and retail community actual skills they can use with their staff to make the community safer.  We prefer to work in partnership with our retailers. We know that they often struggle with high staff turnover and can’t always engage in the staff training that they would like to, yet their business can have problematic consequences for poor decisions by staff members.  So we provide a police officer as an instructor, free, and only ask that they reimburse us for the class materials on a per-attendee basis.  And we even schedule the sessions on their timeframe.  I think class members have fun and learn some important skills.

Officer Bryan Eftink is our training officer and he recently received recognition from Governor Snyder for his work with this important program.  The Michigan Liquor Control Commission  recognizes TIPS as well and encourages retailers to secure training for their workers.

If you are an Auburn Hills retailer, either a store or a by-the-glass seller, contact Officer Eftink to schedule a session at 248-364-1221.