More Transitions

Another transition this week:  Officer Jeff Walker retired after 25 years of service to the city. 

Walker with a DARE motivational speaker and Officer Medon a few years ago

Jeff started as a dispatcher, went to college and was promoted to police officer after he graduated from the police academy.   He was always very active in our community and I am convinced that EVERYONE in town knows him.  He was a school liaison Officer, a DARE officer  and our first Crime Prevention Officer.

Among his co workers, Jeff was always known for being a hard working police officer.  Jeff was relentless in his pursuit of bad guys.  He gave them no quarter at all–no criminal activity could pass Jeff’s attention.  But even as a strong enforcer he treated people with respect whether they were a victim or an arrested subject.  If you respected him, he returned that.

A few years ago Jeff was one of our most active bicycle patrol officers.  Whenever I got calls from irate drivers who were angry because they received a ticket from an officer riding a bike (something about that was very agitating to people), I knew Jeff was on traffic patrol. 

Because Jeff started with the City at such a young age he is still a relatively young man and I know he is planning to move into another career.  We wish you well, Jeff.  I know you’ll be busy with family activities for the first few months.  We hope that your next career is something you love as much as you loved this one. 

Good luck and take care of yourself.  Thanks for all your years of service.