What will they think of next?

I admit it, I’m a skeptic about most things.  I want to believe that there are only responsible people in the world, but I know that is not true.  Otherwise I’d be out of a job and clearly that isn’t the case–I manage to stay pretty busy as a result of the bad judgement of some people.

Here is a case in point.  I’m not convinced that alcohol manufacturers are thinking of the best interests of any of us or specifically of our young people who may not have mature judgement, when they manufacture and advertise new alcohol laced beverages that closely connect sweet confection style tastes with alcohol.  Like this:

NEW ALCOHOL PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE IN MICHIGAN – Yes, it really is alcohol and it is now for sale here! 

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Whipsy Whipped Creme infused with wine

CREAM – Alcohol Infused Whipped CREAM

Kids are doing a pretty good job of thinking of their own concoctions to use alcohol and avoid adult supervision.  Check this out:

Drunk Gummies

Did you know that statistically the earlier kids begin to use alcohol the more likely they are to become addicted?  Also that kids who use excessive alcohol or become addicted inhibit their maturation process so that it is more likely that they will not become mentally and emotionally stable adults by the time they are in their 20’s? 

I heard from a family today whose adult son (30’s) is struggling with addiction and creating a very big problem for his aging parents whose health is unstable.  I don’t know if he started drinking early or if he came to it at a later age.  I do know that his parents love him and find it very hard to say no when he needs a place to stay.  He doesn’t work or have his own family.  He needs his parents to survive.  At the same time he is abusing their trust and even their physical well being.  I do know they are trying very hard to find treatment for him …..but he has to want the treatment.  And he isn’t buying that yet. 

I hope he will soon.  I worry what will happen……