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Sometimes the most interesting things happen when you are least expecting them…..

On Wednesday evening I was here late when Sgt. Dave Amon knocked at my door.  He said that there was a military person in the lobby to present us with a flag and he asked if I wanted to be the one who received the flag.  Of course, I did.

AHPD Sgt. David Amon, Chief Olko, Sgt. Thomas

Technical Sergeant David Thomas, US Air Force and a resident of our community, was in the lobby to present us with a flag that he had flown on a combat mission in Afghanistan in honor of the Auburn Hills Police Department. 

He had been a member of our Citizen Police Academy a few years ago.  He had an opportunity to fly an US flag in honor of a person or organization and he thought of us. 

We are truly honored that Sgt. Thomas would think of us at a time when he clearly had other important things to think about.  His unit refuels planes in the air–an amazing feat of technical skill, if you ask me.   He said that he really enjoyed his time in the Citizen’s Academy and that he respects the job we do in the community.  He had seen us patrol his neighborhood and throughout the community and this was his way of thanking us. 

Thank you, Sgt. Thomas for your service to our country.  And thanks for your interest in serving our community by being a participant in our Citizen’s Academy.

We’ll be flying the flag over our building and then placing it in a frame in an honored place in our building along with the certificate of authenticity. 

What a great community this is!