Winter Tornados?

A tornado funnel cloud

I know it certainly seems like spring out there and I’m not complaining about this beautiful weather.  But it is actually still winter until next Wednesday which makes it even crazier that tornado conditions have arrived early. 

When I got home last night (after yet another OUTSTANDING Avondale Youth Recognition Event) I watched the news footage of the tornado hit in Dexter.  As I was watching the footage of the Huron Hills neighborhood I realized that it looked familiar.  The reporter gave the specific location and I realized that some friends of my husband and I live on that street!  So I called him last night shortly after 10.  As you would expect he sounded like he was in shock.  He was on the scene trying to locate some things he thought the family would need and evaluate the damages.  The good news is that his family is fine although they were all home and in the basement when it struck.  They could hear the windows blow out of the house.  The bad news is that he believes it is likely that his house is a total loss–one wall is separated from the main structure and his basement is full  of water.

He was trying to think about where they would live and they would work out their lives having lost their home.  It is an incredible situation to comprehend.   

I hope that you never have the same experience.  We can’t prevent tornados but we can prepare.  Here is a website with great information: