Specialty Smoke Detectors

I think we can all agree that smoke detectors are needed in every home.  They save lives.    But  what happens when there is a person in the home is deaf and can’t hear the alarm?

The City of Auburn Hills Senior Department and the Auburn Hills Fire Department have joined together to provide 75 free specialty smoke detectors for seniors and persons with disabilities who live in Auburn Hills. 

The Federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program awarded $22,500 to Auburn Hills to purchase 75 smoke detectors designed for the hard of hearing.  The Fire Department has been working with the City’s Senior Home Repair Assistance Program (SHARP) to help identify residents in need of the specialized smoke detectors.  SHARP provides minor home repairs to seniors who are 60 or older and persons with disabilities who are Auburn Hills homeowners who need minor help to maintain their homes and independence. 

Auburn Hills has currently provided 20 residents with these smoke detectors, leaving 55 more to be distributed to people in need!  The specialized smoke detector features a strobe light activated by smoke, as well as a device that is placed under one’s pillow while sleeping that vibrates when the smoke detector is activated, alerting the hearing impaired to pending fire danger.

To receive a smoke detector for the hearing impaired, or for other assistance from SHARP, please call Auburn Hills Senior Services Department at 248-370-9353, drop by the Community Center and fill out a request form or download the request form from by visiting www.auburnhills.org and mail it or bring it to the Community Center located on the municipal campus at 1827 North Squirrel Rd.