Auburn Hills’ Top 10 Crash Intersections

  Every year we analyze our crash statistics to learn where the majority of the crashes are occurring and what violation most frequently causes the crash.  Note that we no longer talk about traffic crashes as “accidents.”  We believe that using the term “accidents” implies that there is no fault when we know that crashes occur because someone violated the traffic laws and created the unsafe condition. 

I’ll say it again:  traffic enforcement is about traffic safety.  Tickets are used to change driver behavior, not create a revenue stream for the police.  Traffic ticket revenues make up about 2% of the revenue that supports the Auburn Hills Police Department.   

So here they are:

  1. Interchange ramp to NB Lapeer Rd:  There were 62 crashes at this intersection.  This was only two less than 2010.  The vast majority of these crashes were rear end.  In reading the narrative most explanations were; “I thought the person ahead of me had left so I pulled up the car was still there.”  

  2. Baldwin and I-75:  North bound there were 37 crashes.  Putting both sides together there were 58.  The vast majority were for rear end. 

  3. Opdyke and University area:  53 total. In this area many were still rear end.  There were a number of crashes for fail to yield or red lightThe person is turning left causes the crash

  4. Squirrel and Walton: 41 total.

  5. Lapeer and Harmon: For the SB side there were 30 but combining both directions there were 43.

  6. Brown and Joslyn:  33

  7. Opdyke and Walton:  27

  8. Squirrel and University:  25

  9. University and I-75:  23

  10. Squirrel and Featherstone:  23

We direct our officers to focus on these intersections and to focus on those violations that are crash causers.  We  enforce speeding as well because it is a well-known fact in traffic safety circles that speed exacerbates the injury and damage that occurs in crashes. 

Consider yourself warned.