An Exciting Day

Today Officer Martin Mikolajczak began his new life as an Auburn Hills police officer.    It has been a long hard road for him to reach his dream of being a police officer.  It is a long road for most but his was even longer –all the way from Poland.  Officer Mikolajczak emigrated to the US as a young(er) man to pursue his life’s dreams. 

He was pretty excited.  He brought his wife with him to see him sworn in and to pin on his badge.  She seemed pretty happy too.  I asked her if he had talked with her about the life of a police officer’s spouse — nights, weekends, holidays.  When big things happen they come to work and the spouses are left to deal with all the rest.  She said she knew and was ready for it. 

I am touched every time I see this moment–I understand its significance in his life and our organizational life. 

And today he shared that moment with Thomas Hardesty–lieutenant up until today and beginning today–Deputy Director/Police.  Officer Mikolajczak seemed happy to share it with him and wanted a photo.