Marijuana Legalization Could Set Up State-Federal Showdown

Marijuana Legalization Could Set Up State-Federal Showdown.

I ran across this article recently and found it interesting because it highlights an issue that is still swirling around in Michigan although not very visible lately.  Since the Attorney General determined that marijuana dispensaries are not legal in Michigan (the law doesn’t mention how “patients” get marijuana) the issue has died down for the moment.  A ballot initiative to legalize did not get enough signatures to be placed on the November ballot in Michigan but I believe the organizers will continue their efforts.  Detroit has a ballot question that would legalize marijuana in their city limits.  Three states do have initiatives on their ballot and it will be interesting to see what the federal government chooses to do.  The issue is not simple and has far-reaching impacts for how people in Michigan want to live. 

Another interesting piece of information on this topic:  Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban marijuana dispensaries.  California has the longest experience with medical marijuana, over 10 years, so it is very interesting to learn more about their experience and why they decided to ban–a highly unusual step.

As of early 2012, Michigan had 222,413 people apply for medical marijuana cards since April 2009 and 131,483 were issued.  The state has not updated the information on their site for several months.