Practice Makes Perfect (or at least pretty close)

One of the responsibilities of our Emergency Services department is emergency management.  We are tasked with leading our city’s efforts to prepare for disasters and emergencies.  We must make sure that the city has an up-to-date emergency management plan that supports the Oakland County Emergency Management Plan; that all personnel are properly trained to perform their duties; that all necessary equipment and protocols are functional and ready.  It is a goal of our City Council to have a well trained and well qualified response to emergency situations that affect the city.   Watching New York and New Jersey struggle with the challenges of their recent hurricane highlights the importance of well trained and well prepared local emergency management.

So we’ve been busy this fall with updating our official plan, training personnel including City Council and by holding a tabletop exercise where we practiced our response among the department heads by talking our way through our response to a snow and ice storm. That is a familiar scenario for us but we added some aspects to this tabletop which included things that would test our resources like a building collapse and sheltering large numbers of people who are without power.  

We understand that we exist to provide services to our residents and businesses.  As leadership for our employees those of use who are department heads must train together and practice our planning to be able to react effectively when a disaster or emergency strikes our community. 

Does your family have a plan?  Go to for ideas and resources to help your family be ready.