Texting 911 Option Available Nationwide in 2014

images[7]In this day of instant communications from your mobile device it may seem kind of crazy that you cannot communicate with our 911 center by text. But it is true. You have to consider that 911 communication must be fail safe meaning that it has to work properly all the time, everywhere. The standards by which it must operate have not yet been developed by the experts in the field. But this article points out that we can expect it in 2014.

Here in Auburn Hills we are ready for the state of Michigan to catch up. They are working on what is called NextGen 911 which will be the next evolution of 911. Being a group of people very interested in technology we have been making ourselves ready as best we can to move expeditiously to the new technology when it is available.

Until then, just call us at 911.

Texting 911 Option Available Nationwide in 2014.