Here at the AHPD we are members of HEAT–an actual organization that works to stem the tide of auto thefts.  HEAT was formed in 1985 by an association of auto insurance companies.  They have done a great job at bringing attention to this crime, associated crimes and bringing together the resources to solve it.  We are fortunate here to have low numbers of auto theft, we had 31 in 2012 down from 43 in 2011.  

HEAT works with police departments, prosecutors, auto insurance companies and auto companies to keep changing up the response when the criminals change up their crimes.  For example, theft of catalytic converters and being stolen in large numbers again.  The high price paid for the precious metals they contain has made them very valuable.  Thieves  can quickly crawl under a car and remove a converter in seconds.  They take them to unscrupulous metal dealers who give them cash.  There are thefts when owner leave their cars unlocked and running these cold mornings-an invitation to thieves. 

Their work in reducing this crime has a positive outcome of reducing insurance rates region wide.  A worthy goal if you ask me. 

Here is their tip line:  1800242HEAT and their website 1800242HEAT,com is their website. If you have information on stolen cars, chop shops or other related information, give them a call.  You can remain anonymous and you might get a reward.