Share the Road Safely

It’s Spring!!

Yes I know we had snow flurries on Saturday but have you been outside today?  It’s beautiful!  I think we are finally over it.

We here at Auburn Hills Police are busy planning ahead for the spring and summer bicycling season and at the top of our minds is bike safety.   We are seeing an increased number of bike commuters and kids who use bicycles as their main form of transportation.  We’ve decided that this is the year we are going to work harder to educate you about bike safety so we took at look at our statistics for the past 2 year period.   We’ve seen that our peak time of day for crashes is Tuesday and the peak time for crashes are during the hours between 7:00 am and 8:00 am and then again between 4:00pm and 5:pm during the Monday to Friday workweek.  In that same 2 year period, 76% of the crashes reported injuries and the most frequent cause of crashes is failure to yield right of way by either the cyclist or the motorist.

The crashes are largely clustered around the east side of the city near the university community where we have a larger proportion of people using bicycles to get around but we have them in all areas of the city.

We want you to be safe so we’ve joined with the Michigan League of Cyclists to train police and participate in bike safety rodeos throughout our community in the coming days.  We hope you learn something new about the traffic safety laws that govern bicyclists and some general safe riding tips.


To get us started here is a great video on bike safety done by Ann Arbor Police Officer Kathy Vonk:

So enjoy getting out on your bicycle  for some fresh air AND DON’T FORGET TO WEAR A HELMET!!