Bike Safety from a Bike Patrol Officer

Guest Blogger:  Officer Brian Miller – Bicycle Patrol Officer

As the weather warms up, many of us are dusting off our bicycles and getting our helmets ready so we can enjoy the outdoors with a nice bike ride.  May is National Bike Month which is a great time to remember that whether you are going out for a recreational ride, or bicycling as a way to get to work there are  some simple reminders about proper riding technique and the rules of the road that will help to keep everyone safe. 

Remember, the when riding on public roadways you must follow the same rules of the road as a motor vehicle.  This insures that motorists can predict your riding movements and keep you safe.  Always remember:

–          Ride with traffic (not against traffic), no more than 3 feet from the curb (or within a designated bicycle lane.

–          Obey all traffic signs and signals, just like a car or truck on the road.

–          If you ride on a sidewalk, remember that motorists entering or exiting driveways that cross the sidewalks probably are not expecting a fast traveling bicycle to cross their paths.  Slow down or stop at all driveways.

–          Most organizations recommend that bicyclists over the age of 12 ride on the roadway verse the sidewalk – it’s just safer.

–          Always wear a helmet – bike patrol officers always do –it prevents 85% of cycling related brain injury.

Here are some links to video presentations about bicycling safely that you might find interesting: