Is This Really What We Want?

UPDATE 2-Ex-Microsoft manager plans to create first U.S. marijuana brand | Reuters.

I found this interesting article in the business publication Reuters.  While Michigan has “medical” marijuana as legal, it has presented some very problematic issues for communities and law enforcement.  Colorado has legalized marijuana and clearly this former Microsoft manager is betting on marijuana being legalized in other states and so would become a new industry.

There are continuing efforts in Michigan to legalize marijuana.  As a result, I think we have to ask ourselves whether this is in the best interests of our community and families.  “Medical” marijuana was sold to the voters as being a remedy for the very sick implying that only a few individuals would be “prescribed” marijuana.  Instead a whole industry grew up that communities found problematic and distasteful as evidenced by the actions of the Attorney General (who determined that dispensaries/stores were illegal and forced them all to close) and the activities in the legislature to define how Michigan residents want to deal with this issue.

Here is another example of the problematic side of “medical” marijuana. Children in Colorado treated for accidental marijuana ingestion in food.    I’m sure we have the same problem here but I have no statistics on the subject to report.

How important is the influence of a relatively small amount of investors vs. healthy communities?