Big Day in the Fire Department

Candidates for Fire Dept lieutenants testing

Candidates for Fire Dept lieutenants testing

Yesterday was a big day in the Fire Department — for the first time ever, we conducted a written test which is the first step in a promotional process for fire lieutenants.  The rank has never existed before in our career ranks.  As a combination department, we have both career and paid on call firefighters.  Ranks have existed among the paid-on-call since we’ve had a Fire Department.  Career fire lieutenants will help us be more accountable and provide us supervisory capability 24×7 and help us achieve improved outcomes in the field.

We had 7 internal candidates (firefighters) who had been studying for 2 months to prepare for this difficult and challenging test.  Through the test we determine who has the best level of technical ability in the kind of tasks that a fire lieutenant must know how to accomplish.   The next step will be an assessment center which asks the candidates to put themselves in the place of a fire lieutenant in our department and perform certain tasks that are expected of a fire lieutenant.  The tasks are then evaluated by fire professionals from around the area against a predetermined set of criteria.  It is the same process we’ve used for many years to develop our police command staff with excellent outcomes.

We value the hard work these 7 individuals have put in over the past couple of months.  It is not an easy task –we appreciate their committment and dedication to our department and the fire profession.

Good luck to all!