Safety for Older Drivers

Auburn Hills is once again in the forefront of communities — it has taken steps to become an “AARP Age Friendly Community.”  It means that we are conscious of the aging of our population and that we want to do what is needed to help aging folks live the best life they can in our community.  One of the biggest issues is transportation.  In this region, because there is so little viable public transportation, people need to be able to drive to maintain an active lifestyle.  So what happens to the ability to drive as people age?  This is a touchy subject with some folks, but others realize that as the body changes, there must be consideration of how driving has to change too.  No one wants to be the person who has to tell mom or dad that they need to stop driving.  older driving

Although one solution may be “driverless” cars – that is a few years away.  Michigan just passed some legislation to allow testing of this type of vehicle on public streets which is a key factor to the development.

Police play a role in determining who is competent to drive.  For example, police officers investigating a traffic crash can request that a driver have their license re examined if there is evidence that through physical or mental infirmity they are no longer qualified to drive.

AAA has a great website resource on this very topic.  Senior driving that can give you more information.