Do I feel lucky?

Here is a blast from the past – 2011 to be precise. I thought it deserved a re run. Just to update you, Lt. Hardesty has now become Deputy Director Hardesty and the Investigations Division is now managed by Lt. Jill McDonnell.

Auburn Hills Police Department

If you are a fan of cop shows you might recognize the title of this post as a quote from Dirty Harry Callahan, the fictional San Franciso detective.  I think he is one of the most popular movie detectives.  Police detectives are often the main characters of TV shows and movies.  They are portrayed in many ways and often with quirky personalities and methodologies.

In the movies and on television, they lead exciting work lives, live on boats and operate outside the confining/corrupt nature of the police department while their personal lives are a sad mess due to their job–isn’t that the story line? 

One of my own favorites was Barney Miller , a great TV show from the 1970s.  I always thought it was quite accurate in its portrayal of detectives.  (If you are one of our detectives I’m just kidding…… well maybe not). 

Real detectives lead normal personal lives…

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