AHPD Officers Visit Avondale High School with Drunk Goggles and a Driving Simulator

By Jeremy Stubbs,  Directed Patrol Supervisor

The Auburn Hills Police Department’s, Directed Patrol Unit and School Resource Officer worked in conjunction with the Avondale High School on 05/07/2014 to promote safe driving during prom season and throughout the rest of the year. The focus was to educate students about the dangers of drinking and driving as well as distracted driving. Officers teamed up with AAA Insurance Company who provided a driving simulator for use during this safe driving campaign.

Officer Hollenbeck preparing the driving simulator.

Officer Hollenbeck preparing the driving simulator.

Officers worked with the teachers to allow a few students at a time to leave class and stop by our location for the safety program. Officers discussed safe driving with the students to promote a safe prom season. Officers had several handouts for the students ranging from the texting and driving law, tips for prom night safety, distracted driving, drowsy driving and 10 tips for teen safety on the road during prom season.

Officers had each student participate driving the simulator if they wanted too. There were two programs that were used, Impaired Driving and Distracted Driving. With the impaired driving course, students put on a pair of goggles that simulated a blood alcohol content of .06-.20. Students were then asked to drive the course. The distracted driving course focused on texting while driving. Students were given an opportunity to complete both courses. Many students were amazed at how quick an accident can occur when you are distracted or impaired.

103 students took part in the safety program throughout the day. Officers received positive feedback from the students who were having fun but also learning lessons.

Officers also have partnered with local hotels providing prom information for all the area schools. This is an effort to crack down on the unsupervised and underage parties that may occur during prom season.

We all want students to have a memorable prom but in a safe manner.