See our officer featured in a traffic safety commercial

Recently the Traffic Association of Michigan asked us to help out with a television commercial highlighting the law on seat belts.  As a long time police officer, I know that seat belts save lives.  The safety systems of vehicles are all built around the assumption of wearing a seat belt and harness.  I have seen many, many crashes–some of them pretty horrific–in which people were killed or seriously injured.  Most involved unrestrained people in the vehicle.  I have never seen one in which a person died because they were restrained by a belt and couldn’t get out.  I am a faithful belt/harness wearer myself.  So I liked the idea that we would participate in this important traffic safety message.

Beginning today a new advertisement will air on television.  It was filmed here in Auburn Hills and one of our officers, Michelle Hesse, is seen issuing a ticket.  There is a Michigan State Police trooper, a sheriff’s deputy and Officer Hesse all issuing tickets for failure to wear the restraint.  See if you can spot her.