First Day of His New Life

image001Yesterday was Detective Scott Edwards’ last day.  We had a small open house for him at the station so people would have a chance to say good bye.  His former partner, Deputy Director Thom Hardesty presented him with a shadow box 20140630_150051containing his badges, awards and other mementos of his career.  Many, many of our former employees came in to say hello and wish him well.

Scott has been a member of this department for 25 years.  Most of that was as a detective.  He was a detective when I got here 20 years ago.  He came to us after spending a few years at Bloomfield Township Police.

Scott is well known for his work ethic. He is a guy ready to work whenever he is needed.   Friday afternoon he was out trying to locate just one more bad guy for one more interview.  Just gotta close that last case.

Scott was well known and respected among the local community of investigators.  He was in demand from other departments for his high skill level.  On Thanksgiving a few years ago, I recall a case where a local department requested his help on a homicide case.  They asked us to come and interrogate one of the suspects who was in custody to see if we couldn’t make another case we had against this same person, unrelated to the homicide.  Scott ended up with enough admissions to make the homicide case.

He is the senior member of the MCAT our major case team that recently solved an attempt homicide case at a residence in Bloomfield Hills where the resident was shot through his front door.  Other departments want to assign their junior investigators to Scott to learn some of his techniques.  He is well known as an exceptional interviewer/interrogator.  Investigation is a a highly developed skill that takes years to develop.  It isn’t something you can learn by going to a training class–it is years of experience to learn the best strategies and technique, particularly in interview/interrogation.  Not everyone is cut out to be a detective.  It takes a dogged determination, strong curiosity and an almost scary intuition about people.  Since everyone watches TV and movie detectives, many people think that it is simple and easy to be an investigator.  Not so. In Scott’s case, although we have other very capable detectives, his particular skills will be missed.  The person who takes his spot will have a high bar to reach.

He made some brief comments to the group saying that he had decided that now was the right time for him to go.  He hoped he made the right choice but he expressed how much he had loved this work.  He wasn’t totally sure what was next although he planned to enjoy the rest of the summer.  Someone said he and his wife had purchased a motor home so it sounds like some traveling is on the agenda.  He’s been clearing out his workspace for the last few weeks and trying to disengage but I think it may be somewhat of a challenge to adjust.  He seems to be ready to give it a shot.

Judging by the people who came to wish him well, he will clearly be missed by members of our department and the community.

Thanks, Scott, for everything and good luck.