Google Does the Right Thing

googleMaybe you are like me and sometimes wonder about the terms and conditions we accept when using on-line software.  Those agreements point out that they are going to read my emails and my contacts list.  I click “Agree” but then I wonder about my personal privacy and what these companies do with my information.  Governmental agencies have some controls but do companies have any controls?

Once I heard this news story today,  I got a lot more comfortable with Google reading my email and that of millions of its other users.  As long as they continue to share information with police to identify child sexual predators, it is ok with me.  I’m relieved to know that a big, global software company has a conscience and doesn’t allow their networks to be used to transmit images of child sexual abuse in the name of personal privacy.

Great job, Google!

Houston man charged with child porn possession after Google cyber-tip.