Police try to get more women to join ranks

More on diversity in policing.

Police try to get more women to join ranks.  I was contacted by the Detroit News to comment on this whole topic.  It was interesting that of the other police professionals quoted in the article we all said about the same thing.

Then I picked up this interesting article from the blog of a fellow police officer, Commander Kristen Zinman of Aurora, Illinois Police.  It was pretty interesting and points out that the 1991 Christopher Commission which was convened to study the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King incident, has some lessons that have been forgotten.  The author makes the point that since 9/11 we’ve moved away from the so-called “softer skills” of community policing to the more militarized methods of policing.  One aspect of this is that some of the police academies maintain a “tradition” of training that focuses on a military style involving marching and physical skills that are presumed to be necessary (although research shows that officers use a skill set that is less oriented to physical force) and less on community policing.  If officers are trained in that more militaristic style is it surprising that when confronted with a challenge military tactics are first resort?

Police Mistakes in Ferguson Involve Gender As Well As Race:  Forgotten Lessons of the Christopher Commission