Do We Charge for Police Services? No

I got a call from Karen Adcock of our Senior Services Department today.  She had a local resident in her office who told her that the police send a bill for their services and since she’d never heard that before she wanted to call me to check.  I was shocked!  The woman said she had heard a rumor that if a person calls us we send them a bill for our services.  60-invoice_letter

So in the interests of rumor control, we do not charge for our services–with a couple of exceptions:

1. If you want a police report copy, we do charge for those–small but we do charge. Our website gives the details.

2. If you are arrested for operating while impaired (drunk driving) we have an ordinance that requires us to send a bill to court who may order you to pay the city for the costs of police time.

3. If you are a business and you want (or need) police services to accomplish your mission–for example, at events at the Palace or when traffic direction is needed at the mall for long time periods like when Baldwin Road was under construction.  We think that you should pay for the direct services you receive so that the rest of the community doesn’t suffer a shortage of police when we are all at your business.  (We do this very sparingly.)

We don’t even have a false alarm ordinance like many communities although we do ask you to be respectful of our time and resources if you are having too many false alarms.  We ask that you learn to operate your system properly and keep it repaired.  I think that is only fair.

Other than that–we don’t charge you.  Yes, I know that if you are a taxpayer your tax bill has a line on it that indicates how much you are paying in the form of a millage for police services.  That is how the police have been funded in this community since it became a city.

So if you need us, call us.  We won’t send you a bill.