It’s Bike Safety Time!

Our officers have been participating in bike safety events around town lately.  The goal is to teach kids (and their adults) the safe rules of the road.  We do two bike “rodeos” in partnership with the Optimist Clubs of Auburn Hills (Morning and Noon) at Will Rogers Elementary School and at R. Grant Graham Elementary.  We’ve done these programs from many years at these 2 locations.

A new addition this year on May 15 was the Safe Wheels and Heels Program at Will Rogers Elementary.

Officer Brian Miller with Will Rogers students

Officer Brian Miller with Will Rogers students

We were invited to assist in the program by McLaren Hospital and United Health Care.

McLaren Oakland trauma services, in partnership with United Healthcare Community Plan, have provided the Safe Wheels & Heels Program to all second graders in the Pontiac and Oxford school districts since 2009.

The program was started in response to a significant number of patients between the ages of 6-10 years of age treated in their Emergency Department for injuries associated with bicycle riding.  An educational school assembly is provided, offering students a day of education and interactive safety activities related to bicycles, pedestrian safety, stranger danger, and when/how to call 911. At the end of the assembly, each student is given a new helmet.

Later the same date, officers and the Noon Optimist Club held a bike rodeo/hot dog roast for kids at Will Rogers that was open to the neighborhood.  The officers registered bikes (so we can get them back to the owners if we find them where they shouldn’t be) and gave out free bike helmets. Officers reported that the majority of kids did not have helmets.


Officer Jeff Malone gives safe riding tips


At Will Rogers


Officer Brad Brasil helps out

Rogers2 Graham1

On May 19 officers held another bike rodeo at Grant Graham elementary.   Officers again registered bikes and gave away bike helmets.

I’m a tad frustrated that so many kids (and their adults) still don’t wear bike helmets when riding.  It is incredibly dangerous for your noggin if you should fall from your bike without a helmet.  I have been on scenes where people were killed when they took a fall and hit a curb while not wearing a helmet – it’s not that uncommon.  How can I convince you that you won’t look silly, and they are not hot, and that you want to wear one for the people who love you and depend on you?

Take a look at this link for more information:

Bike Helmet Safety

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