Hope Water Project 5K in Auburn Hills

Besides our usual job of patrolling the city we have additional responsibilities, particularly in the summer.   We assist special events in our city.  This past Sunday, May 31 we assisted a large 5k event for the Hope Water Project, which raises money for fresh water wells in Africa.  www.hopewaterproject.org

It was a great success with 777 participants, over 100 volunteers, and raised enough money ​to put one well in Kenya which will bring clean water to thousands for life.

Police close the roads and assure the safety of the participants.

This one was located in an increasingly popular area in the city for this kind of event– Cross Creek Drive.  Thanks to Delphi Corporation for being flexible and allowing this group to start in their parking lot due to another event in the same area.

Looks like they had a great time and did something good for Kenyans and the world.

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