Can You Give Up Your Lunchtime Burger?

Read more for an important opportunity to help others in our community. We need volunteers.

Developing Thoughts

Karen Adcock, Director of Senior Services

This couple just needs a little help.  If not you, then who?

Here’s the story.  He’s a veteran who served his country proudly many years ago.  She raised their four children, volunteered at their children’s school, and at the local library.  They both raised their children to be successful adults with active careers and families of their own.  Their children support and help their parents as best as they can, but two live out-of-state and one lives over six hours away.  Their youngest, who lives in the next town over, keeps busy with her young children’s schedules so she can only visit a couple of times a week.

This dedicated husband gets up daily and makes breakfast for the two of them. She sits there across from the table from him, smiles shyly at him and wonders: Who is this good-looking man?  She has no idea this man is her husband of 55+ years.  He smiles back…

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