Welcome, 2016

635845200979031950-1693487873_2016yayI’m happy to be back after a week off to celebrate the holidays with my family out of state.  No matter where I am the department is never far from my mind and I am in constant contact by text and email with command officers back here about conditions.   The good news is that we had minimal bad stuff happen.  Our shopping areas were busy as usual and a little bad weather got in the way but on the whole we had no serious incidents.  Our personnel found time to spend with their families without having to be called in to deal with a serious incident of any kind-a welcome relief.

We are working on our plans for 2016.  There is much to do in considering how best to use our limited resources to help our community be a better, safer place.

Thanks for being a reader of this blog.  I have new information to share that I hope you will find interesting and informative about policing in general and in Auburn Hills.

Happy New Year!