I Recommend a New Blog

Just today my friend and colleague, David Harvey, Executive Director of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) began a new blog.  He’s blaming it on me – so okay,  I admit to playing a role in convincing him to do it. Harvey_cropped

You might remember that I am a Commissioner appointed by both Governor Granholm and by Governor Snyder, representing the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.  The Commission sets standards for police employment and training–an important subject these days in particular as you look at the turmoil surrounding policing around the country.

Dave is a former police chief (Garden City) so he isn’t just a Lansing apparatchik.  He gets what it looks like from the chair of a chief.

The role of MCOLES is important in this state — yet so little is known about what it does and why.  How it supports police statewide.  I know that Dave has a lot to say about policing in this state, around the country and the world.  He serves as the president of IADLEST – the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training.

My friends and family live in this state, I want Michigan to be in the forefront of high quality policing services.  I want the officers that my family and your family interact with to be the best because it will be at a time of crisis when we need their help.  I want to know I can count on them to be right and do right.  So do you.

By the way, it is not an accident that you haven’t seen a Michigan officer involved in the crazy controversial kinds of deadly force situations that we’ve seen around the country – and I maintain that it all relates to standards and training.

Dave will have interesting things to say on the topic of policing.  If you are interested in these things, you can sign up as a blog follower.  I have and I’m sure that it will be interesting.  You can also learn more about MCOLES on its Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Michigan.mcoles