Share my confidence in your police

This is a blog from 2015. It is still true. I know them well –share my confidence in the Auburn Hills Police.

Auburn Hills Police Department

In the last week I had an opportunity to read this op-ed by Chief Edward Flynn of the Milwaukee Police Department

Chief Ed Flynn Chief Ed Flynn

published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  His name may not be familiar to you but he is well known among police chiefs.  He has worked in a variety of departments in the east.  He is outspoken but he is also thoughtful and employs progressive strategies to control crime and serve his community.  He can be a controversial figure because he is willing to take on issues.

I liked this piece because I share many of his views.  I am of the same generation of police that Flynn is.  I’ve also been witness to the changes and challenges over the last 40 years.  An excerpt from the article:

In a recent conversation covering the evolution of policing in the past 40 years, which covers the arc of my career, there…

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