The Weather Was Terrible This Morning

Wasn’t the weather terrible this morning?  I talked to Sgt Leonard by text about 10 am to ask how it was going.  They were jammed with crashes all day-everywhere. He said that he had ordered the closure of the ramp to NB Squirrel from WB M-59 this morning because cars simply couldn’t get up the ramp.  He said traffic was completely stopped.  He arranged with MDOT to have a salt truck on scene so that once the ramp was closed the salt truck could do its work and then he could open it back up.  That is exactly what happened and traffic got moving again.

He did say that what prompted the closure was all of the cars all over the place on the ramp.  We later heard from one of the drivers, Dan Stevens.


We asked Sgt Leonard if he had some video of himself and Officer Foreman pushing those cars but he said he didn’t think so-his car was pointed the wrong way.  But then you know how bad it was this morning.

Our goal is always to keep as many travel lanes open as possible.  Please be patient and drive according to weather conditions.  You might be late, but you will get there.

Thanks, Mr. Stevens for sharing your thoughts with us.