Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Releases On Line Survey

If you are a longer term reader of my blog you will remember that I served more than 9 20151209_173108.jpgyears as a member of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards the body that sets training and hiring standards for Michigan’s police.  Every state but one has a POST (police officers standards and training) organization.  They were first proposed as part of a presidential commission from the 1960’s that posited that increased standards and training would improve policing after the turmoil and riots of the 1960’s.

I am no longer a commissioner.  But I retain my interest in the Commission and the standards of quality that Michiganders can expect from their police.  As a result of some legislation passed in late 2016, the make up the Commission’s members changed.   I was a strong proponent of this legislation and worked for 8 years towards its passage.  Although some aspects of the legislation changed in ways I didn’t prefer, it still was an excellent modernization of the set of laws and administrative rules that govern policing.

As a part of the overall effort MCOLES contacted departments across the state asking us to help spread the word on their efforts to garner citizen input on policing in local communities:

In the latter part of 2016, the governor issued Executive Directive 2016-2 which directs the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) to develop a report for Michigan based on community input. The report will offer a set of recommendations to advance the quality of police-community relationships, training, and recruiting across the state.

MCOLES is a state commission whose members represent law enforcement, prosecution, defense, labor, and the public.  The 19 commissioners set standards for the law enforcement profession in Michigan, including police selection, training, recruitment, and professional licensing.

Each community has unique issues, and input from local residents is important.  We have created a survey that offers residents an opportunity to share their input with MCOLES.  The survey site will be open until March 20, 2017. Responses to this survey will be organized and used by the commission to develop formal recommendations for law enforcement in Michigan.

Because it is important to MCOLES to ensure that all regions of the state and all segments of a community are being heard, the survey concludes with a request for your zip code.  MCOLES has also asked for your voluntary answers to age, race and gender, which allows us to ensure we have reached all segments within the state. The information provided in the survey will be anonymous and submission will not be tracked.

For more information regarding the Executive Directive, please visit the dedicated MCOLES site. You may also email additional comments to MCOLES-ExecDir2016-2@michigan.gov.

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Here is the official press release:  mcoles-press-release

Please take a few minutes and complete the on line survey so your voice will be heard.