Officer Lane Recieves a Letter of Thanks

Every now and then I am gratified to receive a letter from a person who has been a victim in our town who writes us to let us know about the experience they had when they have to contact the police.  We are well aware that having to call us is mostly a bad thing.  People call us because something bad has happened and they need our help. They are usually upset and not having a good day, to say the least.

Today I wanted to share with you a letter we received from a victim about the


Officer Mike Lane

actions of Officer Mike Lane.  She called us to report the theft of her iPad.  She was worried about all her personal information accessible through the device.  When she called I doubt that she thought she’d ever see her iPad again.  When Mike responded he investigated what happened to the iPad and was able to locate it and secure its return from the person who stole it.  Here at the AHPD we encourage officers to go beyond just recording the facts in a report wherever possible.  We want them to be investigators with a goal of trying to get people  their property back, if we can. Mike did just that.

I know there are people out there who don’t bother to call the police when they are victimized because they don’t believe there is anything we can do.  And more often than we’d like that is the case.  But not all of the time as Officer Lane proved.

And by the way – he never told us about his actions in the case.  He’s a modest, unassuming kind of guy.  But a valued and respected member of our team.

Here is her letter: