AHPD Citizen Police Academy from the Perspective of the Students

We were pleased to receive some feedback from two of the CPA students.  Officer Miller told me that he was constantly thinking about what one of the potential students said to him at the outset:  “Is this worth my time?”  So his benchmark was to make the CPA worth the valuable time of our community members.

Here is what they had to say:

Don Robertson

Amazing time at the 2017 Citizen Police Academy

On Thursday, October 21st myself and 17 other Auburn Hills citizens  started an eight week journey that I believe none of us will ever forget. We embarked on an in depth training into what it takes to be a police officer In our great city. We learned about the police academy and what is expected from recruits to earn their “stripes” to become a full time officer. We were exposed to detective work, crash investigation, crime scene evidence collection, and police use of force scenarios all presented by our own officers. We also had hands on training of the equipment which included the opportunity to fire hand guns and rifles in the shooting range. The highlight of the academy was our trip to the CREST center where we were placed in actual shoot/don’t shoot situations to experience what it is like to have to make that split second decision. That night I personally “shot” two of our officers for which I truly apologize. No hard feelings right!

All of the participants were also given the opportunity to go on a ride along to experience first hand what our officers are faced with on a daily basis. My ride along with Officer Lane was very enlightening and I gained a great deal of respect for the job our officers do without hesitation every day.

I personally want to thank all of the officers who took time out of their busy schedules to help with presentations and training at the academy and a special thanks to Officer Brian Miller for the awesome job he did in preparing for and organizing of the academy. I have a much better understanding of what it takes to be a police officer and a greater respect for all they do for our community.

Thank you for this opportunity, it is truly one I will never forget.

Kay Reinke

I would like to express how much I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of the Police Academy.  All the officers were so very informative, friendly, accurate in every way, great personalities each & every one.  I would be interested in attending this class again as I believe I would learn so much more with a second class follow up. Once again I give a positive shout out & thumbs up to the Auburn Hills police department for their outstanding officers, always love a guy/lady in a uniform especially a police person.

I know that the staff enjoyed the opportunity to show others what they love about their jobs – many told me how much they wanted to instruct in their specialty.

We are looking forward to next year’s Citizen Police Academy.  If you are not connected with Auburn Hills, check with your local community regarding their Citizen Police Academy.

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